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  1. Hey there, Next week I will be working in the next Chevereto V3 revision, 3.14.2. This release aims to fix a lot of bugs that have been reported in the last months and it will add support for ProBoards (PUP) which means a lot of new peers using our Cheveretos to host their images. You can help me in this process by checking the pending bugs... Chevereto 3.14.2 announcement View the full article
  2. Few weeks ago I released 3.14.0 and shortly after that 3.14.1 and while the release is known for adding support for WebP and APNG, it was created almost exclusively to address important security issues present in the software that were reported in Nov-Dec 2019 by Jinny Ramsmark (thank you!). You can get access to the report in this... The Chevereto "pi" (3.14) must-have update View the full article
  3. Chevereto

    Chevereto v3.14.1

    Chevereto v3.14.1 Released on January 6th 2020 Fixed bug in account signup process [11811] Deprecated "CloudFlare" dashboard option (no longer needed) Check README.txt file and http://chevereto.com/docs for install or update instructions. If you edited some or part of the affected files merge your changes. View the full article
  4. Hey there, The next minor release is in the works and this is the changelog (so far): Chevereto v3.14.0 pre-release notes Added support for WebP Added brute force protection for cookie based login attempts Added auth token at /update (CSRF) Added HTTP only and secure cookie flags Added restricted paths for Bulk content importer Fixed XSS vulnerability in site settings Fixed XSS vulnerability in user profile Fixed XSS vulnerability in WhatsApp share... Chevereto v3.14.0 View the full article
  5. Chevereto v3.13.5 Released on December 5th 2019 Added always display random button on top bar Added image title tag to album embed codes (images) Improved design of the login/signup page [11615] Fixed bug in incorrect image orientation handling [11570] Fixed bugs in "in this album" contents [11617] Fixed bug in URL uploads (API, web) [11606] Fixed bug in plugin page link target [11675]... Chevereto v3.13.5 View the full article
  6. Hey there, I've just announced Chevereto 3 LTS. Hope you like the news, please let me know what you think. Cheers, Rodolfo. View the full article
  7. Hey there, The upcoming release fixes several bugs and introduces Akismet support for spam prevention. Chevereto v3.13.4 pre-release notes Added support for Akismet spam protection (images, albums) Added optional "Powered by Chevereto" link Added ID encoded tag to embed codes [11361] Added IP tools for user registration IP Removed G+ sharing button [11368] Removed .htaccess +FollowSymLinks [11366] Removed X-Mailer header Removed unnecessary DB calls... Chevereto v3.13.4 announcement View the full article
  8. Our own brand new PHP 7 based application framework, Chevere ("cool" in Spanish), is shaping the guts of the next-gen Chevereto. This process started more than one year ago, and it demanded a complete code rewrite which is still on-going. The business model is also going to change thanks to the future Open Source V4, its add-ons and of course, the SaaS offering. There are a lot of changes going on, and I need your feedback so I can make better decisions and honor those who have used and... Building the next-gen Chevereto: Your opinion matters View the full article
  9. Back in July I released the new installer. After some reports I realized that it was urgent to improve its functionality and reliability as I overestimated the expected servers setups. I added a custom error handler and I improved how the server responses are interpreted, I also improved the DB privileges check so now the installer should work more servers, including Dreamhost. Finally, I've made public... Installer 2.0.0 released (stable) View the full article
  10. It has been a while since I wrote a word about the next-gen Chevereto. Today I want to show and tell the actual work-in-progress behind Chevereto 4 and all the new business that I'm building here. Spoiler alert: I don't have any dates yet, but I want to show you the work in progress. Chevereto\Core The framework behind Chevereto 4 is Chevereto\Core, a modern API-first web application framework that... Building the next-gen Chevereto View the full article
  11. Chevereto has been sponsored by hosting companies since 2015, which allowed offering a more appealing approach to self-hosted by providing software license + hosting and only charge for hosting. All this is possible because hosting companies do affiliate marketing: They pay for the customers that you bring them. The software will always need a server that’s why they put money on this. Read the full announcement here: https://chevereto.com/blog/introducing-50-rebate-and-new-sponsors/ View the full article
  12. Chevereto has been sponsored by hosting companies since 2015, which allowed offering a more appealing approach to self-hosted by providing software license + hosting and only charge for hosting. All this is possible because hosting companies do affiliate marketing: They pay for the customers that you bring them. The software will always need a server that’s why they put money on this. Today, I’m introducing two changes in the hosting partnerships and what you get back for preferring those who partner with Chevereto. The first change is that Chevereto now has multiple sponsors, and now you can choose from more offerings and pick the one that meets all your needs based on your budget, server location, add-on services, etc. The second change is that it now works with a rebate system. You have to purchase the license from Chevereto, and If you buy hosting from our sponsors, you are eligible to receive a $50 refund upon your license purchase. Welcome, new sponsors! I’m proud to announce that HostPapa, TMDHosting, and Hostiso are now sponsoring Chevereto. HostPapa is one of the most popular Canadian web hosting companies, headquartered in Burlington, Ontario. They have been providing hosting services for more than a decade. TMDHosting has been sponsoring Chevereto for the last three years straight, and they provide hosting solutions since 2007. They have data centers in the USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo. Hostiso is a Germany-based web hosting company. They have data centers in the USA, France, and Singapore. View the full article
  13. The installer has been re-made (again) and now, set up your own Chevereto based image hosting website is even easier than before. This new version handles all the process and is the recommended method to install Chevereto from now on. The installer consists of a single PHP file which checks the system integrity, license key check, database check, download, extract and fill in the installation form. You never leave the installer screen when doing the process, and at the end, you get a concise summary of the outcome. It now supports cPanel and allows to create all the database setup automatically. By doing this, you don’t need to worry about creating the database, database user, and grant permissions. The installer does all this for you. The result is your image hosting website up and running in seconds, totally hassle-free. It also includes API access to all its controller actions, which allows crafting all sort of integrations. For example, hosting providers can take advantage of this to provision Chevereto pre-installed. The installer is Open Source, and it is available at Chevereto/Installer (GitHub). View the full article
  14. I've just launched a new installer version which eases the installation of Chevereto under any web server. You can check the repository in Chevereto/Installer. The biggest change in this new version is the support for cPanel based web servers. If you run cPanel, this installer will handle all the database setup for... New installer with cPanel support View the full article
  15. Forked from Chevereto v3.12.10 Added bulk content importer Added guest albums Added manager role Added configurable upload mode (JS or single /upload page) Added support for recaptcha V3 Added PUP support for WoltLab forums Added WoltLab to Lab to PUP list of supported software Added support for hreflang [9695] Added short URLs for content sharing Added SEO friendly album and image URLs Added option... Chevereto-Free v1.2.0 (Biggie Smalls) View the full article

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