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What’s New with v2.6!

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Sngine v2.6 comes with a lot of new features, For full details check the changelog

Video/Audio Calls

  • 01-1-1024x742.png
  • 02-1.png
  • 03-1-1024x499.png
  • 04-1.png
  • 05-1.png
  • 06-1.png
  • 08-1024x512.png
  • 09.png
  • 10-1024x543.png

Purchases Pro-Package with Wallet Credit

  • 01-2.png
  • 02-2.png

Local Bank Transfers

  • 01-3-1024x807.png
  • 02-3.png
  • 03-2.png
  • 04-2.png
  • 05-2.png

Discover Posts


Currencies Manager


Free/Pro Users Daily Points Limit

  • 01-5.png
  • 02-4-1024x524.png

Chat Seen & Typing Status

  • 01-6.png
  • 02-5-1024x368.png
  • 03-3.png

Gifts System

  • 01-7.png
  • 02-6.png
  • 03-4-1024x487.png
  • 04-3.png
  • 05-3.png


  • 01-8-1024x681.png
  • 02-7-1024x301.png



And Such more features, Check the changelog or the release notes for full details.

Also you can check the demo: https://demo.sngine.com/

That’s It

Zamblek Team

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