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Points System in Sngine

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Sngine comes with points system that encourage your website users to add more posts and interact more so you website will be more active than before

Points system will reward user every time he will add new post or leave a new comment or to react to other user’s post with (like, love … etc)

For example: He we will get 20 point for every new post he add and 10 points for every new comment … and so on.


These points will be converted to money for example every 100 points = $1 so if user reach 100 points he will have $1 and he can transfer money to his wallet to use them internally in Sngine in ads or buy a pro package for example

Also he can request his money if he reached minimum withdraw limit from the website admin to send this money via PayPal or Skrill account

Admin can approve or decline this request and user will know if his request has been approved, declined or still pending from his settings page


Admin can enable or disable Points system from admin panel and change all of its settings like If user can transfer their money to their wallet or the users can request their money from you (admin) so you will get a withdrawal request to transfer this money to user PayPal account or Skrill account

Also the limits of points free/pro user can earn per day so prevent any spam on his website


Admin can manage payment requests from admin panel and he can approve or decline any request

Before approve he should transfer this money manually to the request user PayPal or Skrill account according to the request then click approve


That’s it for points system in Sngine

Happy Sngine 🙂

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